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The Winds of Change
In this insightful and relevant keynote talk and related programs audiences learn to turn change from an adversary into an ally.  They also learn how to find genuine balance and alignment in a very complex world utilizing 9 Essential Keys.  George delivers unique perspectives, some very practical solutions and powerful insights into how to deal with the new rules and new roles each of us must play in today’s complex business environment. The talk also presents keys to help individuals and organizations anticipate new trends and prepare themselves and their organizations to increase their success quotient.

– The Key To The High Performance Company
  – Creating aligned, profitable companies whose success is sustainable is not rocket science, but it does require awareness, hard work, knowledge of the marketplace, patience and persistence, sufficient investment of time, resources and money and effective follow-through. There are also twelve basic steps every organization can take to ensure high performance. This talk explores these twelve keys and assists individuals at every level of the organization to know the practical steps they can take to improve their individual competencies and contribute to the organization’s success.  This talk and related programs also looks at how some of the most successful companies and organizations in the world have used authenticity, originality and creativity to substantially outperform their competitors.

It's About Time
– Dynamic and relevant keynote talks and related programs that assists audiences to better understand their relationship to time; how they can learn to accumulate it more easily, spend it more wisely, and finally, to move beyond the boundaries and limitations of physical time into a new dimension of psychological time where they can access new right brain skills and enjoy and explore the many valuable relationships, experiences, and career and personal opportunities that life offers. It’s About Time explores productivity and performance in new ways, offering some very powerful, practical tools that take individuals and audiences out of the pressure cooker and into a zone of high performance.  

Turning Challenges Into Opportunities
– In a world as complex as this, it is all too easy to allow the obstacles and challenges that arise every day to limit our passion and drain us of the energy we need to be successful at work and at home. In this keynote talk and related programs George Cappannelli guides audiences through a very easy to follow and yet powerful series of steps for converting challenges into opportunities. These talks and programs also focus on valuable the lessons learned by some of history’s most admired individuals and organizations and provide practical, ‘take-away’ keys to change and improved performance for individuals and organizations.

By The Numbers; Leadership Strategies That Don’t Add Up
– Obsessive, compulsive and excessive are three words that too often describe what has become our all-consuming addiction of leading by, for and from the numbers. It may be true that it is a jungle out there. It may also be true that Wall Street cuts those who falter very little slack and that in this challenging economic climate leaders and lenders are often more intolerant of missteps than usual. In fact, the slightest whisper of a downward dip in any of a dozen indicators the money boys use to evaluate market strength and a company could be history. But no matter what the challenges are, George Cappannelli believes that our obsessive focus on the numbers isn’t getting the job done. In this innovative and provocative series of talks and programs he identifies 11 Critical Factors organizations need to start paying attention to if they are ever going to really manage the bottom line.

Authentic Leadership For The 21st Century
– Few among us dispute the fact that we are living in an incredibly complex age. New technologies and sciences are changing the way we do everything from accessing and sharing information to making buying decisions; from dealing with our health, conducting our financial transactions, communicating with our families, colleagues and friends to running our businesses. Indeed, everything is changing and changing fast, especially the skills and competencies needed by those of us who are asked to lead individuals and organizations in both the private and public sector. In this talk and related programs, George brings audiences unique insights he has gained over the last 25 years as one of the country’s leading change agents and executive coaches to some of the best organizations and leaders in the world.

Creating Effective Organization
– In today’s world of leaner, more effective organizations, competitive advantage is often measured by how well individuals and organizations are able to understand the dynamics of change, identify resources, learn new skills and competencies, communicate effectively and form effective strategic alliances. Taken together these elements add up to the ability to minimize risks and maximize opportunities. In this empowering and timely talk and related programs George Cappannelli reminds audiences that for those who succeed in meeting these challenges the rewards are great – increased responsibility, greater recognition and job visibility, increased personal satisfaction, a better balance between career and personal lives and, the satisfaction of being able to contribute more substantially.

The Zone of Risk – Essential Lessons From The People and The Companies Who Make A Difference  Essential Lessons From The People and The Companies Who Make A Difference. Name the success story and then take a good look at the road the individual or organization traveled to get there. What you will discover is the obstacles met and overcome, challenges turned into opportunities and ultimately into victories describe the path. In these talks and programs, George Cappannelli shares inspiring stories and case histories of some of the extraordinary individuals and organizations his has worked with over the last 25 years to demonstrate keys to achieving the level of organizational and individual success desired.




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