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Communicating With Integrity
In this series of talks and programs, George Cappannelli explores the most essential and fundamental of all human skills – communication. Through powerful motivational stories and experiences drawn from his work in both the public and private sectors with some of the leading organizations, the people who lead them and a number of world leaders like Golda Meir, Desmond Tutu, Lech Walesa, Mother Teresa and many more, he assists audiences to remember that communication is a lot more than the exchange of words and information. What is not said, the tone of voice, the physical gestures, the emotional state of both the speaker and the listener; the intent, the beliefs held by the speaker as well as the listener, and of course, the core values held by both speaker and listener, all this and much more ultimately determines the quality of our communication. Indeed, in a world in which so much communication is delivered electronically, our ability to communicate effectively and with integrity becomes more than essential.

Leading From The Right Side of The Brain
 – 1200 words a minute, 50,000 discrete thoughts a day that is the speed at which our rational minds work. Unfortunately, our rational minds are not well equipped to do all of the work they are asked to do. As a result our thoughts and words may be leading us down some paths that are less effective and, in the long run, may actually be contrary to our desired results. In this provocative talk and related programs, George Cappannelli offers new perspectives and some very valuable tools for individuals who want to be able to lead more effectively, productively and successfully at every level. Calling on a wealth of personal experience, George assists audiences to move outside the box to gain greater access to their intuition, insight, imagination and creativity – skills that are not only desirable but also essential for leadership in the 21st Century.

The Future Is Now
– The sciences of Botany and Biology have shown us the largest oak is already present in the smallest seed and the mature adult visible in the smallest cross section of a single cell. The same thing can be said about the future history of an organization, an individual life and nation states. Indeed, one need only have the courage and the willingness to look closely at the beliefs that are held, the skills that are demonstrated and the customs and habits that are practiced daily to discover how profitable, how effective and successful the future for an organization, nation or individual will be. This is the essential scope of these powerful, eye-opening talks and programs.  

Upside Down, Backwards & Outside In – The Forgotten Art Of Doing Business
– George believes that many of us in the business community have things upside down, inside out, and backwards! Yes, even though a large number of us in almost every sector of the economy spend most of our time struggling against a seemingly endless tide of increasing competition, dwindling profits and customer interest, George believes that these are only signs of the challenge and not its cause. He believes, in fact, that some organizations and individuals are facing in the wrong direction and doing many of the things for the wrong reasons. In this informative series of talks and programs he explores four primary ways that most organizations can turn things right side up, forward and inside out!

30 Signs Your Business Could Be In Trouble & What You Can Do About It
– According to George’s experience, keeping a business on track – no matter how tough the competition or fickle the marketplace – is a lot easier and simpler than we make it out to be. Yes, we are in a tough economic climate, but the truth is we make it a whole lot tougher than it needs to be by looking for short cuts, slights of hand and magic bullets to save us. We make it a whole lot tougher by listening to the predictors of superficial trends that often have us changing directions as often as a dog does when chasing his tail. In this series of talks and programs George identifies 30 critical factors that keep a business on track, how to identify them and what you can do to improve them. Practical, powerful, and very timely, that’s what audiences have to say about these talks.

Getting Back To Basics
– Although the actions of some people in the business community would lead us to believe that business is a shell game, it is not. The keys to success for every business, organization and individual lies not in using artful advertising to manipulate the public into believing that a particular product or service has value or fills a need whether it does or not. Nor is the key to figure out the next rationale we can use to justify an increase in prices or to charge customers for additional services. No, the business of business is to be smart, innovative and competent enough to actually deliver genuine value in products and services to its customers and stakeholders. The business of every organization is to find out what people really need and to deliver it – at a fair price, at good quality and in a reasonable amount of time. In this series of talks and programs, George Cappannelli suggests that it is time to stop looking for a magic formula and to start remembering that our fortunes lie not in the stars or some slick marketing campaign, but in the hearts, minds and values of everyone in the organization.

It’s All About People…Stupid!
– There are a lot of very reasonable and very effective business theories and management models out there. Tons of information, libraries full of case studies and more trend data than any of us could digest in a lifetime. So how come with all of this at our disposal, so many of us in business today still feel like we are paddling upstream against a strong current? George believes it’s because we are paying too much attention to theories and not enough to common sense. He also believes that no matter what the obstacle or opportunity presents itself to any organization, it is not the latest B school management theory or IT strategy that’s going to get us home, it’s a focus on people – people within the organization, people who are the primary customers, people who make up the communities in which businesses operate and people who form the core of the strategic allies and service providers on whom the business depends.




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